More than ever, our homes are our sanctuaries. We spend countless hours within these walls, with our most precious family and friends. Your home is more than a house. It is where we celebrate moments and experience the ups and downs of life. We raise our kids in them, train puppies, entertain, relax, and cook there. Your home deserves love and attention. Let me help you discover how amazing your sanctuary can be.

I have been obsessed with interior design since I was six years old and made doll furniture out of repurposed trash.  Today, I use technology to help people envision their spaces in a completely different light. I use the latest in Photoshop technology and online 3D imaging software to take the scary guesswork out of creating exciting new spaces.

If you have trouble visualizing change, I can help. If you need something more than swatches and a mood board to get a project “greenlighted,” I can help. If you are just curious what your home’s exterior would look like with a different roof, and new shutters, I can do that too. It’s amazing how much easier it is to say YES when you have a real idea of how the end result with look.

 Contact me if you have a project of your own. I would love to help you!

Interested in some examples of digital reimagining vs reality? <<Start Here>>


I live in Columbus, Ohio, and am available for in-person and virtual consultation. I have done several long-distance projects as well.  Just ask!