The Lodgy Man Cave

Our Den is easily the coziest and most comfortable place at our house. This is our lazy, enjoy a fire, and watch a movie/game room. It was a major selling point when we were buying and nearly every guy enters this room (which looks like none other in the house) and says “THIS is what I’m talking about” and grunts a la Tim Allen.


At Christmas, we go Full Lodge in here.  Think all-plaid, all-blanket, and all-the-vintage-goodies. Tree ornaments from our childhoods, and new ones picked up when traveling.


This room has a LOT of seating. This furniture is from the basement in our KC house, which was about 1000 square feet. It’s a little oversized for this space, but no one has complained so far.


This banquette is huge. It can easily seat 6 people, and is surprisingly comfortable. I swap in and different pillow covers throughout the year.  That needlepoint pillow the middle is from Pottery Barn this year and was a pre-Black Friday steal. Everything else is from Target over the last couple years. I picked up those wreaths at Trader Joe’s for 6.99 each. They always have the best, most affordable, live greenery!


Those French doors open to our patio and let a lot of much needed light in this room! added the Whiskey print and sconces above the mini bar last January

This was Jay’s sled and stocking when he was little. His mom made that stocking and I love that we get to hang it in his Man Cave. The deer skull and antlers were found on a farm back in Missouri years ago, and I added gold stripes with acrylic paint. The oversized the pinecones were purchased at Nell Hills years ago and I have them on display in different rooms throughout fall and winter.


This basket moves from the patio to the porch to the den, depending on the season! But it always has blankets.

There IS a tree in this room, and it is way back in the corner, sandwiched between these funky stairs +landing and next to the TV.  (The Man Cave used to be a garage until a previous owner converted it in the late 1970s. Hence, the fancy paneling. Which I’d like to paint. Someday.)

This tree has lots of ornaments from vacations, from our childhoods, or are just special in their own way.


This is a bit of an odd room, in that you enter on a landing and have a short sideways set of stairs. The stairs behind our sofa and end at a little spot with a built in bookcase.

You also don’t see them at first, but the room has hidden closets on either side of the window seat. You can see the tiny knobs on the paneling next to the bag of reindeer feed! We keep board games and (even more!) extra blankets stored in them.

There is a lovely long story about a truly hidden (spring-locked) storage cabinet behind the paneling in the corner where we have the tree. Right now, the cable box runs though that space — which we can tell is hollow — but at some point the cabinet was sealed shut because of the cabling. Someday I WILL get that open!


And that’s our Man Cave Lodge! It truly is unlike any other room in our house, but it holds the distinction of being the best place to cuddle up with a bowl off popcorn and a pup on your lap.

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