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One Room Challenge Fall 2019

After years of following designers and homeowners twice a year for ORC, I have decided to join the fun as a guest participant. It’s a fun way to keep the motivation going and stay focused on one project. A LOT of participants take on huge makeovers. (Think kitchen and bathroom renovations) image-assetI’m starting small this year, but I am super excited to refresh my office.

She is a beaut, with fully paneled walls and lovely diamond pane windows. There is so much potential here, it makes me giddy.


Things I am hoping to accomplish:

  • create a plan, including color and finish theme
  • a new desk, hopefully via auction or thrifting.
  • comfortable seating, at the desk and for guests
  • a rug
  • hang art


  • add lighting, including a chandelier (and maybe sconces?)
  • introduce color without painting the paneling. I am not ready to do that yet.


  • Hide electric. This room has plenty of outlets for office needs, but they are aren’t subtle
  • Address the window/light needs. Currently, the windows have heavy wooden blinds, which work well, but feel to heavy for me.


This is a handsome and masculine room. But it’s *my* office… So my goal is to add some feminine touches while keeping all of the elements that make it such a special place.

Every week I will post updates on my progress. Watch this space or follow me on the gram glimpses of the Library’s New Look.


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