one room challenge

ORC Week 1: The Plan

Today officially kicks off the 2019 Fall One Room Challenge, so here we go.


The idea is to join a community of designers in transforming one room in 5 weeks. To cheer each other on, to offer support and ideas, and to enjoy the process. (That’s what I’ll be reminding myself in four weeks when I still have to sew curtains and install lighting. I’ll be all “This PROCESS is the BEST!”

As I said in my last post, I will be taking on our library/office space. It is small and has gorgeous wood paneling and trim that I have committed to not painting, so the true challenge for me is to liven up a completely brown room with color and finishings, and introduce some feminine details along the way.


Last time, I talked a bit about what I want to accomplish, but here it goes again:

  • a new rug
  • wall sconces
  • overhead lighting
  • wallpaper, somewhere
  • new desk
  • new lamps
  • a desk chair
  • seating for guests
  • framing and hanging collected art
  • window treatments

Thank goodness “BROWN IS MAKING A COMEBACK”, as noted herehere, here, and here, because I have a LOT of it. LOL

Most of my original mood board has stayed the same, but I thought it needed more sparkle. So, voila:


I am determined to Embrace the Brown with this one, so I will be complementing it with lots of blue, tan, and green. Brass light fixtures will add warmth and much needed light, and I will soften the edges with curtains. As much as I love the four large windows, I do need a solution for the bright light that comes in and 1)can damage the wood, and 2) creates glares with my monitor situation.

This final board kind of makes my heart sing, so I hope I can do it justice. Be sure to check out the one room challenge blog  and all of the talented featured designers and guest participants.  It’s truly inspiring!



11 thoughts on “ORC Week 1: The Plan”

    1. These windows are one of the things I love best about this house! We are really lucky to still have them. Many neighbors have had to replace theirs because of serious sun damage and wood rot!


  1. I LOVE this! I used that rug in my library too and it’s so good. You have so much original character to work with. I fully support embracing the brown!!!! You have a GREAT plan.


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