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Spring ORC- Week 3: The list

I have been keeping something from you. It’s very important to me, and critical to this project.

It’s my to-do List. So without further ado, here goes:

  • Remove raised garden beds (Sold on FBMP!)
  • Design landscaping plan / deliver to Landscaper
  • Power-wash patio
  • Weed patio and rock beds
  • Remove existing soil and rock – landscaper
  • Remove old storm door and repaint original door.
  • Remove unused wires from house / paint utility boxes?
  • Plan lighting
    • Design two string light areas
    • Order lighting supplies
    • Determine upright support
    • Create stake supports where needed
    • Install wire supports
    • Determine accent lighting, TBD
  • Sell all existing Furniture on Facebook Marketplace
  • Patio Area:
    • New patio furniture:
      • Dining Table
      • Dining Chairs (6)
      • additional seating, TBD
    • Plan perennial and annual color
      • purchase plantings
    • Add Privacy with a DIY lattice wall
      • design
      • implement
    • Determine full sun quick climbers
    • Plant something in the rock bed
    • Add Fountain?
    • Clean up existing built in grill
    • Style
  • Fire Pit / Conversation area
    • Find landscaper to help
    • design plantings
      • back fence privacy
      • Perennial flowering shrubs
      • annuals
    • Determine additional hardscape choices
    • pray he can get it done
    • Design movie screening
    • Purchase Adirondack Chairs
    • Create surround for existing solo stove
    • Include firewood storage
    • Style
  • Style & Photograph
  • And blog every step!
I have a mad love for hydrangeas, and they do really well in Zone 6a.

I also need to keep in mind that whatever changes we make can be incorporated seamlessly with next year’s larger renovation project (which will likely include a pergola and new hardscaping in the current patio dining area.

No biggie, right?

Our backyard has a lot of both shade and sun, so I have been researching the best plants for both scenarios. I am not a seasoned gardener, let me tell you! This week has been a big ‘gathering week’ for me, as I was worried about nurseries getting ‘picked over.’ I am eager to get nice full plants that will grow quickly in the next month, especially for the dining area. We had some trees removed last year that provided some privacy (but dropped insane amounts of leaves and had developed a fungus). The lattice I am planning should help with that! I

(I am also particularly fond of the vintage three-tiered wrought iron plant stand I picked up yesterday. Thank goodness for Facebook Marketplace! I can’t wait to fill her up with gorgeous ferns and blooms )

A big thank you to the One Room Challenge organizers and Media Partner, Better Homes and Gardens!

Make sure to see what the featured designers are up to and check in with the other ORC guest participants.

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