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ORC – Week 6: And it Rained

That pretty much sums its up. It has been raining non-stop since last week and it’s been tricky to get much done outside.

And, although there was some progress…. it’s time for me to be sneaky. The pictures will be few and far between from here on out. You’ve been warned!

With the help of my eldest, I was able to assemble the table. I love it. (Thank goodness; because I bought it so long ago that I was worried when I started to open it.) It’s a solid wood table to which I plan on adding a protectant, if it ever stops raining long enough for it to dry out completely. And stay dry long enough to cure. Every digit I have is crossed.

The chairs I purchased for around the table aren’t feeling right. To be honest, I waited 2 weeks longer than I should have, and missed out on the chairs I wanted. The ones I bought are a poor replacement, because I did not want to invest a lot of money in chairs that I didn’t love.

So. In true Chris form, I am going to 1) keep refreshing FBMP, and 2) work on a work-around. I have a few things in mind. I’m not giving up!

The other thing that isn’t helping the table chairs are the AMAZING vintage bamboo chairs that I picked up this week. Oy. These are so incredible. They need some love, but they are showstoppers, and now I need the table chairs to not be so ugly in comparison. Good thing I have a thing or two up my sleeve. Right?

My newly trellised climbers are loving all the rain and they are taking off! I go out daily and make sure my baby tendrils are climbing the right way… they should be amazing by the end of the summer.

I took the storm door off my house prematurely, and now I have to wait for better weather to paint. My neighbor had recommended I keep the door on, and I remember that NOW. But I really wanted that thing off and it does look amazing, so … here I am.

Thanks to those of you who voted in the online poll, I think there might be one more color to add to the mix and then I’m going for it!

And because I’m a list person, I think now is as good a time as any. Let’s revisit:

  • Move raised garden beds (Sold on FBMP!)
  • Design landscaping plan /
    • deliver to Landscaper
  • Power-wash patio
  • Weed patio and rock beds
  • Remove old storm door and repaint original door.
  • Remove unused wires from house / utility boxes?
  • Plan lighting
    • Design two string light areas
    • Order lighting supplies (lights / Support)
    • Determine upright support
    • Create stake supports where needed
    • Install wire supports
    • Determine accent lighting, TBD
    • Sell all existing Furniture on Facebook Marketplace
      • Convo set 1
      • Convo set 2
  • Patio Area:
    • New patio furniture:
      • Dining TableDining
      • Chairs (6)
      • additional seating, TBD
      • Plan perennial and annual color
      • purchase plantings
      • Add Privacy with a DIY lattice wall < changed this!
        • design
        • implement
      • Determine full sun quick climbers
      • Plant something in the rock bed < maybe
      • Add Fountain
        • design
        • purchase items
        • make it
      • Clean up existing built in grill
      • Style
  • Fire Pit / Conversation area
    • Find landscaper to help
    • design plantings
    • Remove existing soil and rock – landscaper
    • back fence privacy
    • Determine additional hardscape choices
    • pray he can get it done
    • Design movie screening — in progress!
    • Purchase Adirondack Chairs (and assemble)
    • Create surround for existing solo stove
    • Include firewood storage
    • Style
  • Style & Photograph
  • And blog every step!

Oy. There is a lot to do. I am meeting with Tom, my landscaper, tomorrow. He is amazing. I 100% trust his work. I have hopes that he can help transform that back space by July 4th! (And honestly, if its a week or so later, it is still a WIN in my book!!!)

Once again, I’d like to thank Spring 2021 One Room Challenge organizers and Media Partner, Better Homes and Gardens! One Room Challenge! It’s been so fun following along so far.

Make sure to see what the featured designers are up to and check in with the other ORC guest participants.

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