Let me show you how it could look…

About 15 years ago, I started photoshopping rooms in my house because my husband needed help visualizing my plans and ideas.

Whether it was moving walls or replacing cabinetry or adding trim molding, changing a room color, or investing in furniture, I found that having working visual guides for my ideas helped the process. I was more confident in my design plans, and it was easier for my husband to get behind our latest project.

Home decor and design has always been a passion for me. Five years ago, our family moved to an old neighborhood in Ohio and we are now working to refresh our second 90-year old home. It’s a study in patience, creativity, and budgeting, let me tell you. Using electronic design helps us prioritize and fast track our renovation plans.

And now I’d like to do the same for you.  Have a room you’d like to see with wallpaper? A different color? Trimmed out, or sporting a new built-in? Let me know. I’d love to show you exactly how great it can be.