Home decor and design has always been a passion for me. But I didn’t start off as a designer. For years, I worked as an in-house e-marketing director overseeing the creative  development of a pretty vanilla brand in a very vertical market. I taught myself how to use illustrator and photoshop and html and email marketing and web design to stay current with my profession, but I kept applying it to my personal life.

I started a blog over 10 years ago. It was about my family and children and what I was thrifting and converting into useful pieces around my home.

Then I started photoshopping rooms in my house because my husband needed help visualizing my plans and ideas.

And that’s when I realized that my favorite things and best skills converged.

Three years ago, our family moved to an old neighborhood in Ohio and we have been rehabbing this old house ever since. It’s a study in patience and craftiness, let me tell you. I still find that using photoshop to encourage my ideas along works best for everyone.

And now I’d like to do the same for you.  Have a room you’d like to see with wallpaper? A different color? Trimmed out, or sporting a new built-in? Let me know. I’d love to show you exactly how it could look….