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{ holiday } anthropologie inspired crochet garland

When I was in Austin, Jade and I made a stop downtown at Anthropologie before heading on to the airport.  The window dressing is always something to ooh and aah over, and this time was no exception.  And what to my wondering eyes did appear, but crochet in the form of garland!  Garland itself!  Brilliant.… Continue reading { holiday } anthropologie inspired crochet garland

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{ love this! } things I’d like to try + a baby blanket

As if a mile-high stack of clothing projects in the sewing room, kitchen makeover planning, that etsy shop that keeps staring with sad doggy eyes, and a new workout regime weren't already fighting for every spare minute of my time... I keep finding little projects here and there and adding them to my list.Like...This tiny… Continue reading { love this! } things I’d like to try + a baby blanket