Christmas 2017 Home Tour

Welcome to this year’s home tour. I am currently shooting each of the 6 rooms as a finish them, so watch Facebook and Instagram for updates! xo

The Lodgy Man Cave

Our Den is easily the coziest and most comfortable place at our house. This is our lazy, enjoy a fire, and watch a movie/game room. It was a major selling point when we were buying and nearly every guy enters this room (which looks like none other in the house) and says “THIS is what… Continue reading The Lodgy Man Cave

The Pink Tree

Twenty one years ago, people started giving us Barbie and Princess and American Girl ornaments for my oldest daughter. Then we had two more girls, and that meant even more fancy ornaments. I also happened to collect vintage ornaments and had some of my grandmother’s originals, faded to lovely pastels through years of use and… Continue reading The Pink Tree