Christmas Movie BINGO

Just in time for long stretches of family togetherness, and in the spirit of giving…

I created a free printable bingo card to be played while watching pretty much any Romantic Christmas Movie…. And starting tomorrow, the Hallmark Channel will be showing its movies in true marathon style, without commercial interruptions.

So gather round the telly, pic your favorite, and get ready to best your family members while you check spaces for “spontaneous snow” and “almost kiss” and “royalty from mysterious small country”.

In short, it’s ON, people.  Click here for up to 30 cards,  to play ON YOUR PHONE!

Screen Shot 2017-12-23 at 12.33.22 PM

***** All photos are property of The Hallmark Channel. *****

Special thanks to for the super easy bingo card maker. I’ll be using this again!

XOXOXO and Merry Christmas!

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