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Photoshop Magic: The Kitchen

A few months ago, we moved into a new home and she has amazing bones. Making it our own will mostly take a little paint and lighting. One of the things I loved about this new house is the kitchen. It has these amazing counter-to-ceiling glass paneled cabinet doors and an aged butcher block counter. It was fully custom and designed by a restaurant owner and chef.


So many wonderful details! The drawers. The paneled refrigerator. The farmhouse sink.


The diamond-pane windows. and wood trimmed range. A wine fridge. It’s lovely.


However, the finish appears to have yellowed over time. They were probably closer to a heavy cream when they were installed back in the 90s. And with the warm light of this west facing window, that yellow is easily amplified.

So I am considering color.

And I’ve been pinning blue and blue-grey cabinets for years….

via Ashley Stark
Interiors by Herlong
Ellen Fleck Design
Emily Henderson
Jean Stoffer Design
Jean Stoffer Design
Jean Stoffer Design
Jean Stoffer Design
Morse Design


It didn’t take much for me to try it out:


What do you think? Is it too bold? Would you do it?

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