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The Little Brown Library

Hello and Welcome to Week 5 of the One Room Challenge!

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Otherwise entitled, The One In Which I Really Don’t Show You Anything.


Except art behind doors.
When the doors are open, this vintage Japanese ink and watercolor won’t be seen.  But I will see it, while I am sitting at my new desk. (which is still in the garage. But when it is here, I will know that little beauty is back there!)


And Art in front of windows.
Because it’s a focal point and I love how it seems more important when it’s hung in front of a large set of windows.


And these fabrics together. Because, yum. And animal print is a neutral.


And, finally, this shot of the office, as seen from across my living room.  Many of the color and finishing choices were made to flow nicely between the two.  Up until now, I have kind of kept the library doors closed, because it’s been so incomplete. I can’t wait to have them open all the time and maybe even open it up as a dry bar for parties!

Anyway, In the above photo, you can tell that the curtains are not up, the fancy desk chair (and desk) are still missing, and the sconces are on. So there is still much to do! That’s what this weekend is for!

Who wants to bet that the Living Room starts feeling bad because the Library is all Fancy Pants, and demands a project of her own??? (maybe next ORC?)

A big thank you to the One Room Challenge organizers and Media Partner, Better Homes and Gardens. Make sure to see what the featured designers are up to and check in with the other ORC guest participants.

Thanks all of your notes and comments this past week.  There was some particularly interesting feedback on my sconce shades (Keep them white? Go dark? Cover them in glitter? The possibilities are endless!), and as always, the support from other participants is unparalleled.  The best thing is meeting people who love what you love and get just as excited weird junk like you do. I heart you all.


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